Technology Solutions

Web to Print Solutions

We leverage a suite of technology solutions to fulfill our client's need to operate more effectively and efficiently. Whether it is an off the shelf application that we have years of experience configuring or one of our custom developed applications, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ever thought about making your products available online? We have technology solutions that allow you to put your product catalog online and generate custom views for each of your clients or community of customers.

Enterprise Purchasing Applications

Corporations worldwide are adopting purchasing platforms to drive cost out of their business processes and reduce their overhead.

IPG Procure is an enterprise purchasing platform that delivers an organized approach to total supplier management. With IPG Procure your company can quickly add approved suppliers and attain a holistic view of your supply community's performance. You are able to organize your procurement strategies and systematize your processes. With IPG Procure you empower staff with on demand access to the items they need while maintaining systematic compliance and complete transparency. By establishing controlled access, approval processes and spending accounts or budgets you can control user spending. Through automated order routing and systematic supplier notifications you insure a closed loop system that provides reporting and process visibility throughout.

  • Enable your users and suppliers online in an efficient online platform
  • Consolidate your vendors on one application
  • Manage your own network and processes
  • Access real time reporting
  • SAAS delivery model, no hardware to install or maintain

IPG Procure implementation and hosting costs are based upon the number of suppliers, users, and level of integration required with existing systems. Contact us today to learn more.

Email Marketing Solutions

In the world of marketing there are two ways to drive a greater return on investment (ROI) from your marketing dollars; reduce the cost of touching your clients or increase the rate of response from your touches. Utilizing email to communicate relevant offers can be a great way to accomplish both.

Touching your existing clients and known prospects with an offer via email costs much less than direct mail and has been shown to drive significant results when done correctly. If you do not have email addresses for your client and prospect communities, there are many ways to begin building out your database. We provide a number of services that can help you collect your client's information. We will work closely with you to create a strategy based upon your existing client interaction and available budget.

In many cases you can quickly build your database by creating a relevant offer that requires the user to provide an email address via a micro site. Relevant offers could include drawings for significant prizes or free items from your product line.

Once you have an active database in place you will want to begin relaying important information in addition to promoting special offers and services. Studies have shown that the best ongoing offer conversions are attained by companies who send emails on a weekly basis. It has also been shown to facilitate a greater conversion rate if the email contains useful information along with your offer.

Text Message Marketing Solutions

Mobile text advertising delivers messages that are more timely and more personal than any other advertising medium. Our phones follow us to work, home and play, so important messages can reach us wherever we are. Unlike other electronic communications, we regard text messages as the most urgent to be read, and responded to, so important messages can reach us whenever they are sent. No other advertising medium delivers these benefits. IPG Group delivers these benefits in a complete mobile text advertising platform that allows advertisers to reach their target audience with highly effective, timely and personal messages.

IPG Group also gives control to consumers, leveraging the growing trend of text messaging to communicate with your target market allows your company to connect through a medium they readily use and overtly prefer. Engaging consumers through text messaging technology also provides the benefit of capturing their contact information. Once opted in, these consumers are added to a subscription list that your company can directly contact. Then, by continually growing your subscription lists, you ensure your company increased brand recognition and an intimate relationship between you and your consumers.


  • Over $1 billion in global advertising in 2007; $16 billion by 2011 ($2.9 in the US)
  • Over 3 billion phones in the world
  • 86% of the US population (13 and up) own a mobile device
  • 43% of mobile phone users send at least one text message a month
  • 43% of "texters" (17% of total market) have received an SMS advertisement
  • 12% responded to the ad
  • 89% of mobile adverts were read, 5% were forwarded to friends/family
  • 43% of advertisements prompted brand recall
  • 44% of consumers find mobile advertising very or fairly acceptable (21% find it fairly or very unacceptable)
Social Media Solutions

Touching your social media community with an offer carries no cost, once you have a community to correspond with. There are many ways to begin building out your community and we provide a number of services that can help you get there. To begin with you will want to create a presence in the three top social media applications, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. IPG Group is here to help establish an initial presence that you will be proud of. In addition to establishing a presence you will want to have continued activity on the environments.

We offer a streamlined process to update all three applications on a weekly and monthly basis.

Once you have an active social media presence in place you will want to begin promoting the presence to your clients. Adding the social media logos to your website and email signature are great ways to start. In addition to your online presence you can begin marketing through point of sale materials, email and direct mail that you have a presence.

In many cases you can quickly build your community by creating a relevant offer that requires the user to link to your social media sites. Relevant offers could include drawings for significant prizes or free items from your product line.

Website Development Capabilities

We have a team of developers that are experienced in using standards to deliver on inexpensive templates or completely custom web environments that will satisfy the most discerning customer.

With website solutions that start at $600 we can help you drive significant revenue and change the scope of what you are able to provide your clients immediately.

Implementations are simple and straight forward. Work with us to enhance your web branding today.

Custom Application Development Capabilities

Our team of developers is experienced in everything from product extensions and integrations to completely custom applications that meet your needs. We help identify opportunities and support you throughout the implementation cycle. You will have a professional experience that extends through product delivery.

CRM Solutions

CRM solutions help companies communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy. The IPG Group team has experience installing and customizing CRM solutions for clients large and small.

We leverage a custom configuration of our CRM application called the ROI Dashboard in many of our multi-touch multi-media marketing campaigns and encourage customers to leverage the dashboard as a fully functioning CRM so we are able to leverage the data to drive ever increasing returns from their marketing spend.